Some women like sex with men, some with women and some with both. But there’s a time when bringing oneself to climax can be wonderful too, for who knows more about one’s body than oneself?! A hot shower or bath and some oil on fingers that gently work themselves into a pussy. Or a vibrator that first toys an ass and then gently arouses a clitoris until it’s firm and erect after which it’s pushed full length into a tight and waiting pussy!

Oral sex is very different to fucking because it’s one person serving another, and both men and women love and savor it! Of course it might feel good to give pleasure, but to see a woman or a man on his or her knees with his tongue in your pussy or your cock deep in her mouth, and then to climax without having to give a thought to your mate is ecstasy. Neither men or women forget great oral sex!

Women that know what they want and need become seducers and most often users too. Men think they use women but the reverse is often true! A horny women wants multi-climaxes and not just a quick wham-bam thank you Mam. A woman that knows how to seduce knows how to keep man coming back for more and know how to make him hard over and over again. She loves to be fucked in the pussy and in the ass as well!


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